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SinoCemTech international Engineering Co.,LTD is a Specialized international company that it relying on large central enterprises in china、Committed to the international cement building material engineering contractor,sets of purchasing equipment,spare parts supply,reconstruction of grate cooler about the cement production line.The company has experienced international cement project management team, technical team and the best supplier resource. Our team from the domestic central enterprises cement contract unit, design institutes and international engineering companies.

  • International Cement construct equipment EPC

  • complete sets of equipment

  • Spare parts supply

  • Renovation of grate cooler in cement production line

Company to enter the international arena as a general contracting of cement engineering.At present.Company’s business more than 80% from overseas.The company has become one of the integration service provider from the international cement engineering market and cement technology and equipment cement engineering system .we have developed many of cement projects in the world(example;3500T cement project,3300T cement project,180TPH grinding station packaging project),The project execution team has completed the project both at home and abroad.and have a good execution experience and technical strength in the international cement project implementation and operation and maintenance.

On the domestic front, SinoCemTech International Engineering CO.,LTD. is the only partner of FONS grate cooler in China. FONS grate cooler is the world's cement industry's top equipment has been widely recognized by the world cement industry, in the world cement industry down 2016 , FONS grate cooler in the international community successfully signed the implementation of thirteen projects in the technical indicators and operation and maintenance aspects of a comprehensive beyond the international first-line brand indicators; 2016, FONS grate cooler through a number of patents through patent protection through Chinese Engineering company in China to do a comprehensive promotion work, at present, we have successfully signed Liaoning Jinzhou Sanjiao cement production line grate cooler technical transformation project, in addition, the project development team also participated in a number of pre-lime, gypsum, aerated concrete and other projects Development work, very familiar with the relevant industries, in the lime and gypsum project development and technology has a strong strength.

Our goal: the company into a building materials technology-oriented with a strong overall strength and international competitiveness of science and technology enterprises.

SinoCemTech International Engineering Co.,LTD

SinoCemtech, is a joint venture company who focus on the Cement building material and Environment protection business

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