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SinoCemTech International Engineering Co.,LTD is specialized in the cement industry,is a set of cement engineering contracting company large cement engineering spare parts,acting as one of the grate cooler.

  • Cement engineering general contracting

  • Provide spare parts for cement equipment spare parts

  • FONS grate cooler domestic transformation

SinoCemTech,is a joint venture company who focus on on the Cement building material and Environment protection business,including the Cement Industry,Lime and Aerated Concrete Brick,Waste incineration treatment,Desulfurization and Denitrification for heavy industry.She provides the EP(Engineering and Procurement)Service,EPS(Engineering and Procurement as well as Supervision Engineering)Service,Consulting,Spare arts Supplement.modernization,operation&Maintenance Service all over the world.SinoCemTech has already supplied the Spare parts service for many customers in middle east.Turkey.Africa.South East of Asian.her partner including the best supplier in the above field.her consulting project also distributed in the above countries.SinoCemTech attract the talent from Lafarge and Haidelberg and other big group company who is the expert in the field.SinoCemTech wish to supply the Best Service to u and your company.




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Sinocemetech have strong partners in all walks of life,with the continuous development of sincemtech partners more and more,more and more big.

SinoCemTech International Engineering Co.,LTD

SinoCemtech, is a joint venture company who focus on the Cement building material and Environment protection business

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